The Silent Way is an approach to learning languages developed by Dr. Caleb Gattegno (1911-1988). Dr. Gattegno also worked in other areas of education, notably mathematics and literacy. My name is Donald Cherry, and I've been working with the Silent Way since 1993. I currently teach English as a foreign language at Hiroshima International University. There is a bit more about me here.

To learn more about the Silent Way, visit the following sites: Educational Solutions (English), Silent Way Tokyo (English and Japanese), The Silent Way Language Center (English and Japanese), Une Education Pour Demain (French).

There are materials that have been adopted by or created for the Silent Way. Among these materials are Cuisenaire rods, a set of wall pictures, and various wall charts. These materials can be ordered from Educational Solutions. There are also some exciting new wall charts that have been developed by Pronunciation Science. You can see them here.

Have a look around this site at some of the wall charts used in the Silent Way. I have also included some modified sound/color charts that I have made. You may read an article I wrote about these charts here. You can see some videos of me using the charts here.

If you have any questions about the site or Silent Way, please feel free to contact me here.